Sqn Crest

85 Tornado Squadron - Grand Valley

About Us - Staff

The staff are responsible for running the Squadron's administration, supply, mandatory and optional training activities. The current staff members of 85 Squadron are:

Captain John Smith - Commanding Officer Capt J. Smith
Captain Brenda Smith - Deputy Commanding Officer, Training Officer Capt B. Smith
Second Lieutenant Michelle Posavec - Assistant Training Officer 2LT Posavec
Captain Ron Shaw - Squadron Officer Capt Shaw
Captain Betty Sinclair - Band Officer Capt Sinclair
Civilian Instructor Philip Brisby - Administration Officer CI Brisby
Civilian Volunteer Christie Balch - Supply Officer CV Balch
Civilian Volunteer Jonathon Smith - Assistant Squadron Officer CV Smith
Civilian Volunteer Ryan Stewart - Marksmanship and Biathlon Coach CV Stewart
Civilian Volunteer Brian Boston - Band Officer CV Boston
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