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85 Tornado Squadron - Grand Valley

About Us - Sponsoring Committee

A basic requirement in the operation of an Air Cadet squadron is financial support. The Canadian Forces provides some personnel, equipment and financial support to Cadet units. The remaining requirements must be met by local sponsorship. Local sponsorhip is coordinated by the Air Cadet League of Canada in the form of a Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).

There are no registration fees, dues or costs for the uniforms or the basic Cadet training. Cadets and parents are encouraged to participate in fundraising on behalf of the local sponsor and League to cover those costs not covered by the Canadian Forces. Additionally, the Sponsor Us - Become a Sponsor page describes how people can financially support the Squadron.

The official sponsor of 85 Tornado Squadron is the Grand Valley Lions Club. The Squadron is fortunate to have an active Sponsoring Committee, which is comprised of the parents of cadets, Lions Club Members and other community minded adults.

If you are interested in donating time, money or other support to 85 Sqn, please contact us.

The current Sponsoring Committee members are:

ball Kevin Ewen - Sponsoring Chair - Grand Valley Lions Club
ball Lori Benham-Culp - Treasurer
ball Jim Shaw - Secretary

The current Parents Committee members are:

ball Tracy Kelly - Chair
ball Ram Etti - Secretary
ball Christie Balch - Treasurer
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