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The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a national organization for Canadian youth between the ages of 12 and 19. This organization is made possible through a partnership between the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces and the Air Cadet League of Canada.

To become members of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, interested youth must join a local Squadron. There are over 440 Air Cadet Squadrons across Canada.

The Squadron meets for regular training on a weekday evening through the school year. Optional training, including band, sports, marksmanship and other activities are held at other locations, mainly on weekends.

In July and August many regional and national summer training courses are available to the cadets. The summer training courses provide valuable training at no cost to the cadet. Cadets actually get PAID for attending!

The National Canadian Cadet Organizations website is a great resource to find out more about the Air Cadet program.

This video was produced by the Directorate of Cadets (of The Canadian Forces, through the Department of National Defence) that shows some of the great activities for youth in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets:

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Find a Squadron

There are a number of ways to find a Squadron near you:

1) Details on all Squadrons in Canada available at the National Cadets website

All Squadrons in Canada are listed on the Find a cadet corps or squadron site. Squadrons can be found by Province, City and Squadron Number.

Cadets Website

2) Squadron websites hosted at

Use the map below or the list of Squadrons to locate Squadrons that have a website hosted here at

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Squadron website hosting at

Consider the benefits of having your Squadron's website hosted at

ball Reach your target audience - Squadrons can keep all three of their primary target audiences in the loop with important information on a 24x7 basis:

ball Current Cadets and their families can get the latest announcements and resources that they need.

ball Your future recruits can see what 'stuff Cadets do' and where to find you!

ball Alumni can keep up with their Squadron.

ball A no-tech solution - your Squadron Staff and Sponsoring Committee does not need technical skills to design and maintain the site. Let us do the work for you!

ball Easy to remember domain - your Squadron website will be Squadron number. NO complicated domain name to relay.

ball Frequent updates - National information will be updated for you when it is released. Updates to your Squadron information can be submitted weekly.

ball Conforms to the regs - our websites are designed to be in accordance with CATO 11-06.

ball Professionally designed template - the websites meet current web design standard practices. The template is specifically made for ease of loading - to accommodate viewing on a low-speed internet connection and wireless devices.

ball Recognize local sponsorship - you can provide a logo and link for a local sponsor that can be put on all of your Squadron's webpages.

ball We WILL NOT advertise on your Squadron website - some hosting companies will sell advertising to display on your page. That WILL NOT happen on your website.

The Squadron website hosting package:

The Squadron website hosting package is very straightforward. It includes 12 months of the following services:

ball Construction of a Squadron website based on our template and hosting of it on the servers.

ball Automatic updates to National content.

ball You may submit weekly updates to any and all of your Squadron content.

ball Anytime access to an easy to use Google Calendar that you will be able to maintain.

Contact us for more information about hosting your Squadron's website at

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chairperson or Squadron Commanding Officer are encouraged to use the form below to contact the staff to get more information on hosting your Squadron's website.

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NOTE: Responses will be sent to the email address provided along with copy to the Squadron CO Cadet Net account.

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