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85 Tornado Squadron - Grand Valley

What is the "Air Cadets"?

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a national organization for Canadian youth between the ages of 12 and 19. This is a result of a partnership between the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces and the Air Cadet League of Canada.

To become members of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, interested youth must join a local Squadron. There are over 440 Air Cadet Squadrons across Canada.

The local Squadron meets for regular training weekly through the school year. Optional training, including sports, marksmanship and other activities are available as well.

In July and August many Summer Training Courses are available to cadets. These provide valuable training at no cost. Cadets actually get PAID for attending!


What is 85 Squadron?

In 1985, a tornado swept through Grand Valley, across the top of Orangeville, over into Hockley Valley and then up to Barrie where it finally lost strength. This was not just a minor twister, but one that caused major devastation, including great property damage and loss of life. Out of the ruins of that freak of nature sprang our Squadron logo. The number "85" comes from the year of the event, and the name "Tornado" comes from the event itself.

In addition to the metrological reference, the Squadron decided that it was only appropriate to include an aeronautical reference as well.

Some time ago, the British, German and Italian aerospace industry formed a consortium to develop an all purpose, variable swept wing fighter bomber.

The result was the Panavia Tornado. This aircraft has seen service around the world including Dessert Storm.

The final touch to our emblem is the motto. It had to refer to the Squadron, and the origin of the emblem in some way. Everyone struggled to get just the right wording. Finally, one of our former Commanding Officers, Captain Terry Filce, came up with what became the motto of the squadron "RIDING THE EDGE OF THE STORM". The Aircraft design on our crest was the work of formed staff member David Cox.

85 Tornado Squadron parades from 6:45pm - 9:00pm on Tuesday evenings from September until June at the Grand Valley and District Public School at 120 Main Street North.

Want more info?

Browse our website for more information on 85 Squadron. Join us and reach for the sky!


1. To find an event 'Warning Order': a) Go to the 'Calendar' b) Find the date c) Click on the event d) Click on the hyperlink '---- warning order'

2. Important upcoming events with the following:

24-Nov - 25-Nov Ground School Weekend
24-Nov Saturday Grand Valley Christmas Parade
25-Nov Sunday Christmas in the Valley Bake Sale
Parent volunteers needed for the Bake Sale
11-Dec Tuesday NATIONAL Camp Applications Due
14-Dec Friday Mess Dinner (Cadets and Families)
18-Dec - 8-Jan Stand Down
5-Jan Saturday Flying Scholarship Review
5-Jan Saturday George W. Elms Memorial Shoot
8-Jan Tuesday Return to Cadets Parade Night
12-Jan Saturday Ground School Test
26-Jan Saturday Team Building
2-Feb Saturday Band Clinic
3-Feb Sunday Snow Tubing
9-Feb Saturday National Interviews
23-Feb Saturday Zone Shoot
24-Feb Sunday Inter Squadron Day
11-Mar - 15-Mar Stand Down
17-Mar Sunday Effective Speaking & Debate Comp
23-Mar Saturday Band Clinic
5-Apr - 7-Apr Tagging

3. We have received a guide to the new uniform badges that are starting to become available. It is a good resource while we are waiting for the updates to the dress regulations (CATO 55-04).

Our motto is:

To Learn - To Serve - To Advance

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