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National Awards

These are Nationally recognized awards that are commonly presented at the Squadron, but have nomination or selection bodies outside of the Squadron:

Title Picture Description
Lord Strathcona Medal Lord Strathcona Medal Lord Strathcona Medal Medal awarded to a Cadet based on criteria stated in Sp Gp Order 5027-4.
Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence Legion Medal of Excellence Legion Medal of Excellence Medal awarded to a Cadet based on criteria stated in CATO 13-16. Presented by a representative of the Legion.
Air Cadet Service Medal Air Cadet Service Medal Air Cadet Service Medal Medal awarded to cadets who have completed four (4) continuous years of service with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

Aside from these annually awarded medals, other National Awards are available - see the complete list in CATO 13-16 for more details:

CATO 13-16 - National Cadet Honours and Awards (main document) - modified 09-2011
     Annex A - Terms of Reference CCO National Honours and Awards Committee - modified 09-2011
     Annex B - Cadet Award for Bravery - modified 09-2011
     Annex C - Cadet Certificate of Commendation - modified 02-2008
     Annex E - Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence - modified 02-2008
     Annex F - Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans - Cadet Medal of Merit - modified 09-2010
     Annex G - The Colonel Robert Perron Award - modified 01-2011

Effective October 1, 2020, the Support Group Order 5027-4 was released, detailing the procedures and processes related to the Lord Strathcona Medal including the selection process, criteria, requirements and procedures.

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Local Awards for 735 Sqn

These are Sqn based awards:

Title Picture Description
Top Recruit Award This new member to the Sqn shows the most promise, with a high standard of dress, measurable cadet knowledge, and recognized enthusiasm and involvement.
Top Junior NCO Award This Level 2/3 cadet (Cpl/FCpl) has demonstrated strong development during regular and extracurricular activities.
Top Senior NCO Award This Level 4/5 cadet (Sgt or above) has demonstrated outstanding dress and deportment, leadership, growth, and improvement over this year.
Top Uniform Award This cadet has had an impeccable uniform and excellent overall deportment according to all established standards throughout the whole year.
Most Improved Cadet Award Award is presented to a cadet who has had significant growth or achievement over this training year, including exceeding in new responsibilities or duties.
Peter A. Creer Aviation Studies Award Award Awarded in memory of a past member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee, this award recognizes a Level 1/2 Cadet who showed the most promise in their air studies curriculum this year, and who has potential for pursuing a future glider or power pilot scholarship.
Marksmanship Award This cadet is our top marksman according to annual range classification results.
Bratch Drill Award Awarded by the Bratch family, this award recognizes a cadet who has shown a consistently high standard of precision drill throughout the entire year.
Paul Proulx Memorial Award In memory of a past President of the Parents Committee, Paul Proulx, this award recognizes a cadet who shows great enthusiasm and spirit toward any and all cadet activities, mandatory or not.
Officers Award This award is presented from the Officers and Staff of 735 Sqn to one cadet they deem to have shown great participation and assistance at planning this training year.
OCdt Joseph Coleman Sword of Honour Award This cadet displays leadership, and has demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and dedication throughout the entire year.
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