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340 Griffin Squadron - Port Elgin


There are 2 types of Cadet Training:

Local Squadron Training is conducted at Air Cadet Squadrons in communities across Canada from September through June - mirroring the normal academic school year. For more information on the Squadron Training opportunities, follow the menu to Training --> Local.

Summer Training takes place in July and August at Cadet Summer Training Centres across Canada and at destinations around the world.

Training - Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immeasurable impact on Canada. The Canadian Cadet Organization is no exception.

In the interest of ensuring the safety of all personnel, overnight training has been cancelled for the summer of 2021 as announced on March 25, 2021 in CANCDTGEN 002/21.

In support of that announcement, all Cadets and their families should watch in full, the Command Team Update, Parts 1, 2 and 3:

Commodore J. Kurtz
Commander, Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers

Colonel A. Carlson
Deputy Commander, Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class D. Bliss
Formation Chief Warrant Officer, Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers


While we await the full description of the summer opportunities available to the Cadets in 2021, the information below describes the summer training opportunities prior to the pandemic.


Cadet Summer Training Courses are of 1, 3 or 6 weeks duration and are usually conducted at Cadet Summer Training Centres that reside on Canadian Forces Bases across Canada.

ball General Training - The 'General' level of training courses are intended to provide Cadets with a rudementary introduction to life at a summer training centre and to the various streams within the Cadet program.

ball Basic Training - The 'Basic' level of training courses are intended to provide Cadets with a basic introduction to the specialty streams in the Cadet program.

ball Advanced Training - The 'Advanced' level of training courses are intended to provide Cadets with a thorough immersion in the specialty streams in the Cadet program.

The Cadets taking a course receive a training bonus of $10 per day for each day of training they complete (to a weekly maximum of $60 per week, and a course maximum of $360). Depending on the course and CSTC, this may be paid upon completion of the course, or portions of the bonus may be paid during the course.

The Cadets employed as Staff Cadets are paid a daily rate, based on their rank at the Summer Training Centre.

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Training - Summer: Details for 340 Sqn

The procedures, documentation and deadlines for summer training applications will be detailed here for 340 Sqn. Check back for updates!

All of the Cadet program is periodically reviewed and updated. Everyone should be familiar with the Cadet Training Centre Changes for 2020 document.

Applications for 2020 Courses - the Squadron has received the procedures for 2020 STC applications! Check back frequently for updates!

Selections for 2020 Courses - Cadets will be notified immediately when the Squadron is notified of course selections. The selections are usually available in April/May.

Joining Instructions for 2020 Courses - these documents provide many of the details on the summer training centres. Information like what to bring, how to contact the summer training centre, visiting and graduation parades are included. Please note: These documents can be updated, check back regularly for updates!

Transportation for 2020 Courses - the transportation TO and FROM the Summer Training Centre is organized on behalf of the Squadron. The Cadet program often refers to transportation as 'movements'.

Archived Process for 2019 Courses - the section below relates to the 2019 Summer Training. Many details change each year. This information is provided for reference only.

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