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340 Griffin Squadron - Port Elgin


There are 2 types of Cadet Training:

Local Squadron Training is conducted at Air Cadet Squadrons in communities across Canada from September through June - mirroring the normal academic school year.

Summer Training takes place in July and August at Cadet Summer Training Centres across Canada and at destinations around the world. For more information on the Summer Training opportunities, follow the menu to Training --> Summer.

Training - Local

The Cadet training program is defined nationally by the Directorate of Cadets in Ottawa. The program is broken down into 5 years of training. Each year the subjects are studied in greater detail and pose challenges to the Cadets.

Cadets in the higher levels put their knowledge and skills to practice by taking on instructional and leadership roles.

The core training is conducted on a weekly training night. Additional training and optional activities are conducted on other evenings and weekends.

PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: The subjects taught are called 'Performance Objectives' or PO for short.





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Training - Local: Details for 340 Sqn


ball The Sqn conducts weekly training at "The Griffin" 348 Carlisle St. (Airport) Southampton, Ontario or virtually.

The weekly training is conducted from September through June on Tuesday evenings from 1845hrs (6:45pm) through 2115hrs (9:15pm). The evening schedule is as follows:

1830 Arrival
1845 Opening parade
1900-1935 Period 1
1935-1940 Move to Period 2
1940-2015 Period 2
2015-2030 Break
2035-2105 Period 3
2110 Closing parade

ball Tuesday Training is considered 'mandatory'. Attendance at "mandatory events" is just that - mandatory. If you cannot attend call the Squadron to be excused.

ball PARADE FORMAT: Cadet drill is based on the Canadian Forces Drill Manual. The Canadian Forces Drill Manual (version 15 Jun 2014) is available to download - please note it is 25MB.

Clarification of the orders for parade formatting is detailed by the Central Regional Cadet Support Unit in CRCO 1816. Established by Central Region in 2003, this is how parades in Central Region are to be conducted. The actual conduct of the parade at the Sqn level can be seen in Annex A - starting on page 14.


Please note the Squadron policy on Inclement Weather: a) Regular LHQ training: Check your email. Check for road closures. We will use a virtual meeting if possible.

b) If in doubt, or cannot attend due to weather, contact AdmO or TrgO.

c) Check for email message regarding cancellation of weekend/other training.


The Cadet training program includes marksmanship. Cadets learn range safety and are taught basic marksmanship on the Daisy 853C air rifle. These are not BB guns, but are very accurate competition grade air rifles that fire .177 calibre pellets.

Cadets who are interested in marksmanship can try out for the Marksmanship Team that competes in Zone Competitions. The Canadian Cadet Movement's Marksmanship Championship Series document details the rules governing the 4 stages of the competition series.

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