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Resources - Cadets

This page provides access to information on the Cadet program and its regulations. This information is applicable across all Squadrons in Canada. For more specific information on the operation of this Squadron, see the Training - Local page.

Conduct, Discipline and Positive Social Relations for Youth

The Cadet Program is a relevant and proactive youth development organization, offering a diverse program for Canada's youth, preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow through a set of fun, challenging, well-organized and safe activities.

There are expectations of the conduct of personnel that must be clearly understood and abided by.


One of the incentives that many Cadets strive for is earning higher levels of responsibility and authority. Service, training and performance is recognized through a system of ranks that has a nationally set series of criteria.

Uniform Resources

A source of great pride for many Cadets, the uniform is an excellent tool for teaching Cades about precision and care.

Training Resources

There are many mandatory and optional subjects covered within the Cadet Training program. This section includes a number of resources for Cadets on Training.

Training Resources for Senior Cadets

These are a few resources in support of the Training program that will be of value to senior Cadets.

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